Greetings to all!
Here we are staring a 30-year class reunion square in the eye and I have no idea where to begin.  This is due in part to the fact that I have no idea where we left off.  And that would be due in part to the fact that I don't think the drugs had completely worn off the last time I saw or spoke to many of you.
With that in mind  I can easily describe the last couple of decades as the fairy tale most of us have been living: marriage, a loving spouse, two kids that are now teenagers, a mortgage, an equity line of credit, three cars, more insurance than Lloyd's of London, a dog, a cat, a house in the suburbs with three dead hamsters buried in the back yard, Blink 182 posters on the walls of at least one bedroom, AOL instant messenger for everybody, a new furnace, an unfinished bathroom, a lawn mower that only works for me, and a 401(k) plan that looks like the 101st Airborne used it for target practice before heading to Iraq!
It's the idealism we've all come to know as the American Dream!  But, this one is different  in this one, I'm pretty damn happy!  On July 23rd, 1999 I married a wonderful woman named Susan.  We live in Crystal, Minnesota with her two children: Kiernan is a Junior at Armstrong High School (AHS coincidence? I think not!) and is growing into a fine single white heterosexual male who will undoubtedly vote Democratic party lines in the 2008 elections now that he can drive himself to the polls.  And Karlyn who is muscling her way through Plymouth Middle School (PMS coincidence? I think not!) getting straight A's and completely redefining the notion that siblings come from the same parents.
We have church, family, friends, and work close by as well as a wide selection of Target stores, Home Depots, Starbucks and Cub Foods all within driving distance.  We even have an online grocery service that will deliver right to your door!  A real panacea!
Now, I just hope I still have stuff to talk about at the reunion!  See you then!