Dear class of 1974! 

It's never too late to send your bio.  I enjoyed seeing  everyone and visiting till my voice hurt!  I especially enjoyed the CD you put together Kurt.  Why didn't they play it at the reunion?  We were certainly rocking out later at the after party.  

I have been married for 24 years.  My husband Jim and I have four children.  We did it in two families. 

Our oldest is 17 and will be a Senior in High School and our youngest is 6 and will be in first grade.  They have me coming and going. 

I am an elementary school teacher by trade, but have been home with our kids since the first was born.  Not very exciting, but there it is. 

Someone asked me if I continued in acting after leaving high school.  Nope.   I have sung in many performing groups throughout the years and have aspirations of doing it again.  We are die hard Minnesotans.  Dressing in long johns from November through March is just a way of life. 

Hey you AHS graduates from the Twin Cities, contact me through email!  I have been made honorary president of the Twin Cities AHS class of 74 chapter(Thanks Anne Burkholder!) 

Life is good.  Stay well!

Kathy Farstad