Hi everyone,
(Saturday, 7/31/04)
Better late then never to enter an updated biography for your "files" September I'll be celebrating my 10th year working for Ortho Computer Systems (www.orthoii.com).  My current position there is Customer Service and Telecommunications Coordinator. That means I wear three hats - Program and maintain our phone system and help desk call centers, coordinate in-house seminars for visiting orthodontists and staff. My biggest part of my job is the customer service coordinator to take all the complaint calls from our customers and let them vent to me, analyze their concerns and delegate the resolution process for them.  I love my job working with the people in-house and customers from all over the US.
My husband Dave and I have been married for 16 years and have just moved into our first brand new home a year ago June.  We are enjoying the new neighborhood, families, children and decorating/furnishing our home after the first year living at 5423 Tennessee Street.  My two daughters are grown and soon we'll be empty nesters.  We look forward to our new journey together in the years to come.  Monica, 23, our oldest graduated from Ames High in 1999 and married her high school sweetheart.  They have blessed us with 2 grandsons, Tyson 3 on 8/28/04 and Carter 1 as of 6/5/04.  Grandparenting is the "BOMB", , love it, and cherish the experiences.  We are better known as Nana and Papa Brown.  Eva our youngest, 19 graduated from Ames High 2003 and took a year off to work and gather herself before career.  She will start La James Cosmetology college in Johnston, IA next month and plans to move onto adding Massuese program to the cosmetology, with the dream of owning her own spa some day.  La James offers travel opportunities with the Carnival Cruise Line after graduating.  Eva also shares her mother's love of music and theater.
Husband Dave, is Manager of the Pharmacy at Mcfarland Clinic in Ames now owned by Drugtown, Hy-Vee chain and is the balance of the household of females (even our dog!). He's also my biggest fan as he supports my hobbies of singing and theater.  I'm known as the "Ortho Wedding singer"; as I've sung at practically every employee's wedding and have sung at 5 family and community members' weddings this summer.  I cantor at the 5PM mass every Saturday at St. Cecilia's Catholic church here in Ames and on the team for the youth contemporary music group.  Theater, I've served on the board of directors for the past 3 years and past president during 1992-1994.  I was last on stage in 1997 and moved to producing productions and the business end of the Ames Community Theater. This year as kids "are grown" I'm going back to performing on stage and starting up a singing group to ";go on the road" locally to local organizations, conventions etc. Keeps me young at heart and wise in thought to be active in our community and share with others my gift handed down from my grandma and mom.  It's wonderful to keep people involved in the arts to compliment their otherwise hectic lives, young and old.  Check out our website for ACTORS - www.actorsinc.org
Best wishes to all of you this 30th year and feel free to e-mail me any time - judybrown1974 (at) mchsi.com
What a great weekend this has turned out to be!!!
Picture to be attached this weekend ..
"Downtown"Judy (1974) Brown