Greetings to all. It's been fun to read all the bios:  much sounds eerily familiar. 

Connie and I celebrated our 25th anniversary last year. We spent a fantastic week on Grand Cayman scuba diving, exploring the island and walking on their 7-mile beach. 

We're living in Minneapolis in the same house since 1986. I work at Honeywell as an electrical engineer. The division I work in makes computer chips for space systems like the Cassini mission that is currently sending pictures back from Saturn. It's been an interesting 16 years there so far. Still biking (some), golfing (more) and spending time working in the yard (way too much) when not at work. 

Connie is a labor and employment law attorney working with several other attorneys in her own firm for the last 13 years. She still enjoys reading voraciously in her spare time. 

Michael is 16 going on . . ., well he's going to France for a year this coming school year. He's fit four years of French in his first two years of high school with two months of intensive summer sessions to get ready. He enjoys playing chess, leading his middle and high school teams. His baseball/basketball sports interests have been converted to cross country and track in high school. 

Laura is 13 and is looking forward to her last year of middle school this fall. She enjoys playing piano and saxophone and has developed her talents in craft making including knitting and sewing. Her sports interests are volleyball and tennis. She is also one of the best chess players in her school. 
Looking forward to catching up with old friends at the reunion. 

(Yes, I did drop the "y" sometime between the last year of high school and the end of college)