Ed Hendrickson Jr. Bio:
Raise your hand if you have to put your bi-focals on to read this. Is this better? 
I can't believe all you classmates of mine will be 50 in just a couple years.  Not me  I'll be celebrating my 19th anniversary of my 29th birthday in August of this year.
No matter how hard I swing, my trend is to hit the golf ball 10 yards less per year, year after year. At the rate I'm going, I'll be less than 150 yards by the time the 40 year reunion rolls around.  The good news is that it will probably be in the fairway, because I won't be able to reach the rough.
Some of the boring details:  Never moved away from Ames, every winter I threaten to move south, and then Spring roles around, the grass turns green, the snow melts, and everything is nice again, so I stay here one more year. 
I have had exactly 5 different jobs in 25 years of hard labor, 3 of the jobs I loved. The most interesting job was a 3 year hitch with an Internet Startup Company that ended in 2000 with the Internet Crash. It was a riot being part of the Internet boom and bust, although I must confess that the boom part was more fun.  My goal is to work for a Startup one more time before I retire. The energy level is intense, but worth it.
I like my current job. 4 years ago the name of the company was EAI (Engineering Animation Inc), they got bought 2 weeks after I started and became UGS (which stands for Unigraphics Solutions), then EDS (Electronic Data Systems, yes, the one Ross Perot started) bought us and made us a division, and of course changed the name to PLM, then EDS ran into some hard times and sold our division, again we changed our name back to UGS. In 4 years I have basically sat in the same desk, and worked for 5 different companies.  The bad news was that almost every name change, there was an associated layoff.  I have seen 7 layoffs in 9 years, luckily, I was only let go once out of the 7, and that turned into a wonderful 4 month well-needed vacation. 
Side-jobs:  For some reason I didn't think one 40 hour per week job was enough, so I and two others started the very first Web Company in Ames, Iowa clear back in 1995. Also, I dabbled in real-estate here and there over the years. Both of these are winding down and I am looking forward to spending more time with golf, kids, friends and family.
Family: I have 3 kids, they are great, I hear from them when they need money. My 21 year old son, Blake, graduated from AHS in 2001, and my 19 year old Daughter, Jennifer, graduated AHS last year in 2003. They are both traitors and now go to U of Iowa (of course I went to ISU, in fact I liked it so much I went to ISU twice, go Clones!). My youngest son, Grant, age 16, is working on graduating from AHS. If all goes as planned, I will have 3 kids in college at once.  Divorced one year ago, so I am single again, and enjoy my independence, although I could use a few cooking lessons.
Hobbies: I'm a born again golfer. I love digital photography; read 25 audio books per year, I dabble in Yoga, used to run; now I walk, and did I mention that I golf, golf, and golf. I had entirely given up the game for 5 years. Then was tricked into playing again, and now I enjoy hitting the links at least once per week. I embarrass myself 3 times a year in golf tourneys.  I get talked into volunteering for different things, and have trouble saying no.  I taught 8th grade confirmation at Bethesda church for 5 years. Believe me, you never want to teach 8th grade, not even for 1 hour per week.  Because of this I wholeheartedly agree that 8th grade teacher's are severely underpaid. I also volunteer to do the www.ahsalum.org web site.
Ed Hendrickson Jr.
PO BOX 652
Ames, Iowa 50010-0652
e d h (at) a m e s w e b (dot) c o m
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