Hello everyone. I really appreciate whoever decided to create this website. Great wisdom! I am hoping many of you upload your bio also, along with pics. I know for me, it will really help to recognize everyone. If you are anything like me, you have changed greatly since the good old days at Ames High.
Terri (Ellis, class of '76) and I got married June of 1976, lived in Slater, IA. for about 10 years and then move over here to Aurora, IL. which is in the Chicago land area. It was our intention stay here for only one or two years and then move back, but here we are, 18 years later and still in IL.  :-(  This has become home to our boys.
I have always been in construction in one form or another since High School where I started out working for Friedrich Const. Then, from '78 to '86, was self-employed as carpenter/remodeler along with my brother, Dan (class of '72) and another partner. Construction work was real slow in '86, so we decided to dissolve our business and move out to the Chicago area where construction is always booming! In 1988, I started working for the City of Aurora as a Building Inspector, which I am still doing. Terri, besides raising our two sons, has been working for Mercy Hospital here in Aurora. She is office manager in the Occupational Health Department. Our son Matt, 25, graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and is currently shooting a movie in Chicago. Our other son Adam, 24, graduated from Aurora U. with a Nursing Degree and is married to Mayra (no kids yet) who is a 1st grade teacher.      Adam works in the ER at the same hospital as Terri.    
I don't know if any of you remember me being in the band 'Rebel'  back in high school but I have continued to be in bands off and on. Currently playing in a small band called 'Tone Deaf'  where we do Blues stuff. Prior to that, I was in a Christian band called 'KnotEye'.

Lastly, I would like to say that both Terri and I have changed quite a bit since high school. Not just in looks (gray hair, wrinkles?), but as to who we are. We both became Christians back in '77, which really changed our lives and gave us great purpose in life.
I would like to apologize to anyone whom I might have offended or made fun of for your faith
I am looking forward to our 30th reunion and seeing you all.
Doug Johnson