A postscript from Denise:
When I submitted this bio last fall, I thought our lives were pretty orderly with life's plan and all was fairly calm.  However, nine months can change a lot!  Both of our kids have changed their course in life, Adam decided owning a restaurant business wasn't quite right for him after all, so is looking towards other opportunities which probably also means a change in his college direction. 
And Aaron, our youngest at age 22 decided over the winter to continue working as an electrician, for now at least, which could still lead him to his sales career some day.
Aaron also was not listening to his mother when I kept harping at both of my boys about me being way too young to be a grandma and they were way too young to be a daddy, but alas, he was not listening...we have a beautiful little granddaughter named Grace Ann Wirth, who was born June 28 of this year.  She was 9 pounds and 7 ounces of pure sweetness and put her mommy and daddy through a pretty tough delivery which they both state was worth it.  She has brought 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of pure golden sunshine into our formerly orderly lives and we don't know what took her so long to get here! 

Life is good.