Thirty years later from 1974, where do you find me?  Where I have always been.  Born, raised and living in Ames, Iowa. There aren't a lot of people out there who can say that, so for those of us still around the old stomping grounds, that is a big woo hoo!   I am very happy to be living near family and friends, when often times that doesn't happen for everyone, does it?   I haven't lived in any other exciting cities, unless you count Omaha, Nebraska for a year out of high school, it wasn't too exciting, so we will skip that!
I have been married almost 28 years (in 2004) to the same great guy.  How he puts up with me, I will never know but I am so happy he has.   David works in Des Moines as a brick salesman and has been very successful at it.  All those years of hard labor laying brick have paid off for him.  The drive gets old, but I try to accompany him once in a while to keep him company and to shop, of course.   We have two terrific sons who like to spend time with their parents and always have.    Both are in college, Adam is 24; he waited to start school but plans to have his own restaurant/pub someday.  And Aaron is 22 and planning to go into sales, he has the gift of gab, don't know where he got that.....    And I have been working at McFarland Clinic for over twenty years, and to think it started out as a part-time temporary job.  What the heck happened here??   I have enjoyed working in different departments and have recently joined the Business Office again, where it all begin in 1983!   My title is an Application Specialist and that means, having worked in the computer department for the last five years, in this department, I make sure things are filed and paid and if something doesn't work on the computer system, find out why.   It has been very challenging, and at this age, I must be nuts!! And you will never guess who my boss is!!
Working with everyone on the committee has always been such fun!   It may be more fun than the reunion, almost!  I truly hope many many former students and friends will come this year.   Pam, Kim, Bridget, Bobbi, Vicki...just to name a few...hope to see you soon!
Denise Kepley Wirth