Needless to say, all the clichés about everyone else getting old, disbelief in the rapid passage of 30 years, and life's transformations are true for our family as well!

Sarah and I celebrate our 29th year of marriage this month.  Though both of us are (thankfully) employed, our house is not paid for yet and we eat out way too much.  However, both cars started this morning, Kyle, 15, was home early last night, Rachel, 12, just got her braces off, and (our 9 year-old) Grant's baseball team is 8-1.  So life is good!   PICTURE (see below)

The Kansas City area has been our home since 1982 and yes, it is a difficult time to be a Royals fan,  but only a couple months till KU BB! 

We love summertime in the Rockies, but this year we are taking the kids to Hawaii.  I refuse to pay $200 for a round of golf, but I will try to have a good time anyway.  We will be back just in time for the reunion. 

Thanks to the reunion organizers for all their time and work!  Hope those who are traveling to Ames have a safe trip and we will see you soon!   
Dave Morgan,