Thirty years since we graduated and here I am still in good old Ames. My kids say I am boring because I live in the same town, married to the same wonderful women, and live in the same house most of my adult life. Personally I am very happy and content here.
I am sill in the printing business. I now run a 5-color press for Sigler Printing. It's about 40ft long and 8ft tall which posses a challenge for old knees sometimes. My wife Karen (for 25 years last spring) works for an exciting new company in the ISU research park.
Justin, my oldest, is 22 and completing his second degree from DMACC in Ankeny. Tyler and Stacy are 19 and graduated from AHS last spring. Seeing your last one graduate from AHS isn't as much fun as getting out yourself. Tyler is attending ISU and Stacy is at DMACC in Ankeny. All the kids have their own places in Ames so I only have Karen to pick on at home.
I hope to see a lot of you at the reunion because I like catching up with old friends.
See you next summer.