Greetings everyone!

Like Dan, Slim, Jim, Bruce, Bridget, Ann, Carla, Denise, Catherine,  Ken, Denny, Paula, Dennis, John, Donna, Kevin, Mike, Ben, Judy, Joe, Matt, Jerry, Ev, Katherine, Mark, Melba, Sara, John, Don, Ed, Steve, Ron, Julie, Glenn, Pam, Ron, Susan, and Teri I to still live in Ames.  I even bought my mom's house about 5 years ago, so I
really have gone nowhere.             

Mary Kay (Little) class of "79" and I have been married for 10 years.   We have three kids, Brooke 22, living in Cincinnati Ohio.  Brooke has a three year old son named Brian Austin, yes, I know it is hard to believe I'm a grandpa. Brooke is getting married this July to Leighton Compton.  Leighton has two young girls Audra and Caylee. We are looking forward to enjoying our growing family.  Son Ethan is a junior at AHS and younger son Keith a 4th grader at Northwood.           

In July of 2003, after 24 years with the City of Ames, I called it quits to take over as General Manager of Stevens Memorial Chapel here in Ames. There is a lot to learn and I put in a lot of hours but I love the work.             

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in July.                          

Brian Snider