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Q:  Does anyone know the whereabouts of Randy Crom?  Please forward   any information HERE.
A:  His name is listed in the email directory of the
AHS Alumni webpage.  Just navigate to 1974.
Q:  Does anyone know the whereabouts of Jim Swan?  Please forward   any information HERE.
A.  Jim Swan is located in West Des Moines, IA  email is s o n j a s w a n (at) m c h s i . c o m.
Q:  Does anyone really know what time it is?
A:  Chicago?
Q:  Does anyone know the whereabouts of Dave Schoon?  I remember him from Jr. High at Central.  Please forward any information HERE.

Q:  Okay, here's my question that I've been wondering about for 30 years...on page 168 of the 1974 Spirit Yearbook there is a picture of Karen Bachman and Bob Christensen, in the background of this picture along Bob's right arm there's someone's hand holding up a picture of a woman's head.  In reality, this picture in the background is the top part of a Playboy center foldout!  I assume this is one of the many 'jokes' throughout the yearbook but my question is, how did this happen/who did it?  Any confessions?

I sure as hell hope that you found Randy at the reunion!. He is living in Washington DC and is putting that Vet degree he got from Iowa State to good use. He also looks as young as he did in 1974 -- damn him. Tom Wilson 4519 Casco Avenue Edina, MN 55424
Comment:  Did anyone besides me think that Jim Gammon was the janitor the first day of junior high school?  K. Litchfield